get better at CHANGE, and change for the BETTER.

get better at CHANGE, and change for the BETTER.

change science


June-July 2024

Gain the insight to make changes successfully.

Develop the habits to make them stick.

Made just for you by


get better at CHANGE, and change for the BETTER.


Our masterclass. Your masterstroke.

6-week online programme

3 live, virtual 1-hour sessions

Live, virtual graduation celebration

A Change Toolkit, including change journal and care package, delivered to you.

Access to faculty and participant community

Special launch fee: R1500 R750


Session 1

Brain Skills For Change – Dr Kirti Ranchod

Session 2

Developing Adaptive Resilience – Jenny Lorenzo

Session 3

The Power of Community – Dr Frank Magwegwe

Graduation celebration

Closing date for registration: Tuesday 4 June

Meet our faculty.

Gillian Cross

Gill, our Programme Director, drives learning innovation and designs learning development journeys that help unlock abundance.

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Dr Kirti Ranchod

Kirti has extensive clinical experience in medicine and neurology. She focuses on memory, brain health and brain skills training.

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Jenny Lorenzo

Jenny Lorenzo is an organisational development practitioner, team and executive coach, process and learning facilitator.

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Dr Frank Magwegwe

Frank has travelled an incredible journey from being homeless to becoming an organisational leader and academic.

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The science, skill and satisfaction of navigating change.

Turn over a new leaf on change with learnings that are neurological, behavioural, psychological, autobiographical.

The masterclass coaches you to become change-ready and change-fit by helping you understand:

  • Your particular brain personality

  • Our brain’s plasticity and ability to change

  • Resistance and obstacles to change

  • Working with your strengths

  • Your self-efficacy and resilience

  • The power of small habits

  • How to deal with setbacks

  • How to make changes stick

The Change Science masterclass is made just for you by BrightRock’s Change Science team.

Change Science draws from psychology, behavioural economics, and neuroscience. It shows us that anyone can change – and that any change brings opportunity with it. The Change Science team are exploring and building out Change Science as a discipline. Their research relates to how we understand ourselves, our relationship – with people, money, experiences – and our connected behaviours – all with the goal of helping people get better at navigating the changes in their lives.

This work goes hand in hand with the Change Exchange, an asking, learning, sharing, changing online space to help people navigate life’s big change moments. While the Change Science team stays close to science, the Change Exchange harnesses the power of stories to inspire and support your change journey.

BrightRock’s needs-matched life insurance is a world first – it’s made just for you at the start and then changes as your life changes.

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